After fifteen years as an architect I decided to take on architectural photography.  In 2013/2014, I received my diploma of Professional Photography and continue to take workshops and courses.  My career as an architect serves as an invaluable asset when it comes to understanding and capturing those project qualities that are critical to the design architect. By clicking here you can view my architectural resume.

Some of the most compelling aspects of architecture are its connection to site, its relationship to context, material quality and the incredible role natural light plays in the experience of a place.  These are the elements that fascinated me as an architect and are just as critical in my endeavours as a photographer.

Architectural photos are used in many different ways by the architect, predominantly to build up their portfolio of work to get more work.  There can be several stages to an architect landing a project.  In the early phase of a pursuit, images are used to show the potential client the architect’s experience with a particular building typology.  Later phases consist of an interview or series of interviews wherein visual presentations with more images are expected.  Other image uses include magazine publications, award submissions, exhibitions, the architect’s website, promotional material and personal use.  Beyond personal use, all of these instances are, to one degree or another, promotional. As such, the images need to convey not only the architect’s design excellence but also their technical aptitude to solve spatial and programmatic needs.  And the image needs to convey all this in a way that sets the architect apart from the competition.

To this end I believe the photographer needs to understand a project's essence.  And then build up a portfolio of images rooted in that idea.